- Aluminium recycling
Specially suited for all types of scraps - painted, oiled, swarf, chips, cans, engines & automotive parts,. Established solutions are backed with high yields and low fuel consumption, satisfying environmental requirements.

Salient features:-

  • Latest Combustion system with air / oxygen operating on gas, oil (HFO, LDO & LSHS).
  • Proven metal stirring, pumping and circulation system.
  • Heavy duty casing construction for prolonged successful operation.
  • Positive Door sealing.
  • Unique fume extraction - pollution free environment within plant.
  • PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface.

Versatile design for processing scrap and dross (with or without salt).

Salient features:-

  • Available with all type of fuel and their combinations.
  • Hydraulic furnace tilting mechanism.
  • Manual or Automatic metal pouring system.
  • Air / oxygen or pure oxygen combustion system.
  • Custom built units for customer specific applications and production sizes.
  • PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface.


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