Proven technology to supply equipment for both Primary and Secondary smelters. AIFL with technology support from Mechatherm can supply Melting and Holding furnaces, Charging machines, Degassing units, Launder and filtration systems, DC casting machines and related ancillary equipment for the complete value chain in Aluminium casthouse.

For secondary smelting, AIFL / Mechatherm can provide specialized furnaces designed to melt differnent types of clean as well as contaminated scraps / dross material. Range includes Dry-Hearth De-ironing Multi-chamber furnaces and Side well Furnaces as well as Tilting / Fixed axis Rotary Melting furnaces.

Furnaces of rugged and proven design are custom made to meet specific Customer's requirement to perform under tough & demanding operating conditions

Salient features:-

  • Sturdy casing construction to withstand mechanical & thermal stresses
  • Unique door lifting system - Hydraulic / Electro-mechanical.
  • Pneumatic door clamping for positive sealing to reduce heat leakage to minimum.
  • Fume extraction hood above door to ensure environmentally clean plant operating conditions.
  • Proven refractory lining to suit particular metal conditons - monolithic, brick or pre-cast blocks.
  • Heating system based on customers' choice of energy supply - Fuel Oil (HFO, LDO & LSHS), Gas or through special construction radiant tube electrical heaters.
  • Automatic Mass-flow based Fuel / Air Ratio control or Thyristor controlled Electrical heating system for energy efficient operation.
  • Automatic furnace pressure control using specially designed damper for better heat transfer & minimum heat leakage losses.
  • Molten metal receiving well with hot metal crucible tilting mechanism.
  • Manual or Automatic control for molten metal transfer to caster.
  • Specific PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface.

Demand for efficient charging system is increasing to optimize production and to reduce heat leakage. Charging Machines with a wide variety of features and capabilities can be used for solid ingots, sows, loose or baled scraps. Range covers fixed or traveling, lifting or rotating charging machines to suit different Furnaces or existing shop layout to suit customers' requirements.

Salient features:-

  • Custom designed to suit various furnaces, plant layout and type of charge material.
  • Efficient charging of large quantities of scrap / ingot.
  • Uniform distribution over furnace bath for better heat transfer & Melting.
  • Reduced wear & damage to furnace door.
  • Robust construction to take care of mechanical & thermal loads while charging.
  • Safe and hazard-free operation.


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